Sabrina Denebeim

Co-Founder / Inventor
An esteemed Hairstylist and Inventor, Sabrina Denebeim has worked with many celebrities, including athletes, actors, and politicians. While enjoying her profession, she developed her passion for designing hair products and was awarded her first patent in 1990. Since then, she has accumulated over 27 more patents in the years to follow. Her patented inventions embody a wide range of designs, including many styles of hairbrushes, rollers and other hair accessories and tools. Sabrina has designed and licensed products for Scunci, Helen of Troy, amongst many other well-known companies. Her products have been featured on QVC and various major magazines, including vogue, Women’s Home journal, WWD, and many others.

Veronica Bryan

Co-Founder / Operations
Throughout her career, Veronica Bryan has successfully incorporated her keen business savvy with an eye for creativity and artistic vision. After 20 years in the Fashion, Professional Sports and Investment Banking industries, Veronica has acquired a wide-range of skills that she can directly apply to Beauty Weapons. Her experience ranges from conceiving beautiful and functional office designs in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and New York, to creating and manufacturing delicate hand-made jewelry as a partner of CZ Handy Designs, a high-end jewelry maker in San Francisco’s North Beach. Her dynamic partnership with Sabrina Denebeim on Beauty Weapons is the perfect blend of Veronica’s greatest assets; an eye for detail and beauty combined with the ability to embrace and promote accessories and products she knows can make any woman feel more beautiful.

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