The Right Tools

Like most hairstylists, I take pride in helping my clients look and feel their best. I’ve also heard my share of complaints—a lot of women have trouble achieving salon looks at home. I’ve tried to teach my clients how to recreate their favorite styles, but I was stumped as to why it was so hard for so many women and girls.

Finally, it hit me—women don’t always have the right tools. At the salon, I have a large arsenal of hair products and equipment, plus years of experience and training. But most women don’t have this luxury. They want something quick and simple that they can do at home. They want to be able to style their hair in a way that complements their overall appearance and gives them that extra “oomph.” They want to feel like a million bucks.

And so, since my second passion is inventing—my first is hair, of course!—I set out to develop something that would simplify hairstyling, something that women of any hair length and any texture could use at home. Something that wouldn’t require long, awkward rituals.

One day, while working with a client, I asked my assistant to hand me a round brush—and it occurred to me that the brush wasn’t actually round! It was a cylinder! Why on earth would we style hair on a ROUND head, framing a ROUND face, with something shaped like a can of soup?

And voila! The Ball Brush was born! Thanks to its spherical design, gentle-tip bristles, and ergonomic handle, you can hold it in any direction to style any type of hair with minimal time and effort. Now, my clients are thrilled at being able to duplicate salon-perfect hairstyles at home with this brush. They look better, they feel better, and they save time and money!

As for me, I’m thrilled to be able to help women all over the world! Now, what should I invent next…


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The Brush Blog

The alarm buzzes. Reluctantly, you roll out of bed with eyes half shut to keep the blinding sunlight out for just a few seconds longer.  When you open them fully, you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror, assessing how your day will go with a simple question: Good Hair Day or Bad Hair Day?

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